What are A50 pills and what are the types. Beneficial features

A50 pills (Anapolon) – steroid, which has a chemical nitrogenous compound of beneficial substances, which has a beneficial effect on the body’s energy supply. Oxandrolone is able to accumulate energy in the muscles in the form of a special Anapolon, which, in turn, splits and turns into a muscle force. The natural appearance of this supplement is also found in foods: in meat and fish. In the human body, it can be synthesized in the kidneys, liver and pancreas. Simply put, Anapolon – it is an acid consisting of three known amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine

Types of Anapolon

Like most sports supplements, Oxandrolone varieties are numerous. They differ in composition and appearance, as intended, according to manufacturer and even in quality. Among this diversity, it is very important to choose the best supplement for you. Wrong choice is fraught with not only a violation of the functioning of the body, but also the deterioration of the muscles.

    • The most optimal type of A50 pills is the one that consists of 99.5% of Oxandrolone directly. High concentration of the substance provides easy transportation of beneficial elements to the muscles and minimal decomposition products.
    • More efficient  which is considered in capsules. Due to its shape, capsules quickly deliver the substance to the body, minimizing its loss during transportation. But capsular is more expensive powder.
What are A50 pills and what are the types. Beneficial features

Very often, novice athletes start with the most affordable types. — Oxandrolone. This type of supplement is quite effective, especially if you take its in the form of a sports cocktail with the addition of a gainer, A50 pills and liquids.

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Useful properties of A50 pills

At its core, Anapolon pills is a nitrogen-containing acid that is naturally present in the human body. It is synthesized by three amino acids that are involved in human digestion – glycine, arginine and methionine. Like any natural substance, Oxymetholone steroid is produced  body alone, but in very small doses. As a result, athletes have to “to mine” its  from fish, red meat or specially designed food additives. Today, a variety of products containing the most striking – purivat, ethyl ester and citrate, oxandrolone hydrochloride. The latter, by the way, has an impressive biological activity.

How to take A50 pills

What are A50 pills and what are the types. Beneficial features

The difference between Oxandrolone 50 mg and other supplements is that this element is constantly needed by all people. But athletes who daily experience large power and aerobic exercise should replenish its stock before and after each workout. Anapolon steroid (2-5 grams per day) can be included in Oxandrolone, used in pure and diluted form. The form of reception is not important, the constancy of reception plays a huge role.

The exclusivity of its, as a sports supplement, is its harmlessness. Still, Oxandrolone 50 mg is not recommended for people with asthma or allergies. It’s necessary to start using it only after consulting a doctor.

Effect of taking anapolon

By the way, this is not the only benefit of a substance in sports. Reacting with certain enzymes, Oxandrolone freely penetrates muscle tissue, saturating its inside. As a result, the speed of gaining muscle mass and body relief increases. And:

  • Able to at least double the strength and endurance of the muscles.
  • It is the engine of increasing muscle tissue and increasing mass. After two weeks of taking the body weight may already increase by 3-5 kg ​​due to less consumption of glycogen in the muscles.
  • Increases testosterone in men.
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Anapolon 50 works quite simply and efficiently: it neutralizes acids that appear in the body as a result of intense exercises that lead to exhaustion and fatigue. The daily requirement of this substance in the body is not enough for the athlete, and the additional acid charge in the muscles allows you to train longer and more thoroughly.

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