How is Anadrol - Anadrol dosage useful? INSTRUCTION

This product is becoming increasingly popular among people leading a healthy lifestyle, and therefore, the issue is becoming more and more relevant. «how to take high anadrol dosage».

Anadrol cycle is the most popular steroid, which is used for gaining muscle mass and slimming. This is a mixture based on several protein subfractions. Basically get this product from whey. Now it is a staple diet for athletes.

The unique biological properties of Anadrol, which is used by athletes, perform many functions:

    • strengthen the immune system
How is Anadrol - Anadrol dosage useful? INSTRUCTION
    • help reduce stress
    • very quickly digested
    • have high biological nutritional value
    • help get rid of fat
How is Anadrol - Anadrol dosage useful? INSTRUCTION
  • allow you to increase muscle mass
  • increase the level of glutathione (the main antioxidant produced by the body)
  • reduce triglycerides and cholesterol
  • increase power in sports and reduce symptoms of overtraining

How much to take Anadrol dosage?

Portion size will depend on several factors, for example, on the diet – how good your diet is or how many gaps it has. On average, Anadrol dosage is 2-3 cocktails on training days and 1-2 on recovery days. Depending on the time of day, the portion may differ, but more on that later. In addition, do not forget that the preparation of whey cocktail on the basis of dairy products on average adds another 9-12 grams of protein to the finished drink.

When is it best to take Anadrol?

Perhaps the best time to take Anadrol 50 mg is 2 servings immediately after training (2 scoops). This is exactly the time when injured muscles just need to recover as quickly as possible with the help of amino acids and the synthesis of Anadrol 50 muscle tissue. If all the necessary elements do not enter the body in time, then there is a risk of post-training muscle pain, not to mention the ineffectiveness of the training as a whole. It takes about half an hour to assimilate the Anadrol cycle, and if its is taken immediately after the end of the workout, this ensures rapid saturation of the muscles with amino acids.

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It should be remembered – if the diet suffers, then no additives and magic pills will not help to achieve success in the gym.

Also, a cocktail can play the role of an irreplaceable source of BCAAs, if you take Oxymetholone an hour before the start of classes. Thus, reserves of amino acids are created, which in turn ensures the protection of the body against the deficiency of these trace elements during training. Otherwise, the body itself will begin to destroy muscle tissue, taking the missing substances from its own Oxymetholone reserves, which is very undesirable for athletes.

Take 1-2 servings of Anadrol dosage in the morning – thereby reducing to nothing «eating muscles»which occurs because the body produces the hormone cortisol. By taking this drink after a long sleep, you compensate for the lack of amino acids.

Scientists found out that if you add a little carbohydrate to whey protein shake, it will increase the synthesis of Anadrol dosage in muscles twice. Therefore, athletes who focus on weight gain should pay attention to this fact and make some adjustments to the already familiar recipe of the drink, which will achieve amazing results in training. Alternatively, you can drink special mixes – Oxymetholone.

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