How to take Anadrol steroids and WHAT is better

One of the most pressing problems of any athlete is the preparation of a suitable diet with Anadrol steroids. From what, when and in what quantities the bodybuilder uses, the effectiveness of its training directly depends. The most important component of the diet of the athlete is protein. In order to supply themselves with this element in sufficient quantity, many people take Anadrol steriods. But not everyone has enough knowledge how to take Oxymetholone steroid.

Oxymetholone – it is a complex steroid that is found in cow’s milk and makes up about 80% of this product. To obtain Oxymetholone, whole milk is subjected to ultrafiltration. As a result of this processing method, a very high-quality product is obtained, which contains many useful and essential amino acids for the body.

Oxymetholone refers to slow steroids. Once in the stomach, it is converted into a kind of clot, the body spends a lot of time digesting which, while gradually saturating with amino acids.

What time to take Anadrol steriods?

Many athletes, for maximum efficiency from workouts, combine taking two Oxymetholone – Anadrol steroids. It is worth noting that the first one is absorbed much faster, and is simply necessary in those cases when the body needs immediate restoration and saturation with amino acids – immediately after a long night’s sleep and after the end of the workout.

How to take Anadrol steroids and WHAT is better

Anadrol steroids, in turn, should be taken to saturate the body at long intervals without food:

    • optimal to take Anadrol at night
    • between meals
How to take Anadrol steroids and WHAT is better

The use of Oxymetholone gives an anti-catabolic effect – prevents the destruction of muscles due to its rather slow absorption.

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How to cook and how much to take Anadrol?

To make a cocktail, you need a shaker so that it is completely dissolved. One serving of Oxymetholone is diluted with 300-350 ml of milk or water. The volume of the cocktail is calculated individually, based on body weight, level of training and energy needs. On average, 25-45 grams of protein (1-2 scoops) provides the body for a period of 8 hours.

Anadrol is very effective for losing weight and burning fat. This is due to the fact that the finished drink helps reduce appetite, but it also provides all the necessary nutrients. For those seeking to lose weight, take 15 grams (half a measuring spoon).

Which Anadrol is better?

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