How and when the Anadrol cycle will help in bodybuilding - DETAILS about taking Oxymetholone

Anadrol cycle is one of the most important microelements that a person should receive daily. An ordinary person who leads an active lifestyle, the minimum should be obtained from 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight. And how to drink Anadrol cycle athletes? For them, the daily rate of this macro is 2-4 grams per 1 kg. Athletes due to this amount of protein gradually build muscle. This happens due to the fact that the nitrogen balance in the body of athletes becomes positive, and the content of amino acids increases in the blood.

An impressive amount of protein for exercising people is quite difficult to obtain by eating only ordinary food. Therefore, athletes simply need to expand their diet through the Anadrol 50, and drink it properly in powder form. It is desirable that the athlete had 5-6 single meals, and the Anadrol cycle became an addition to it.

When is the best time to drink Anadrol cycle?

Now the market has a wide range of items. But every athlete should know that the degree of assimilation of a particular supplement by the body depends on which drink Oxymetholone and its principle. It is necessary to correctly distribute the required amount of protein throughout the day:

How and when the Anadrol cycle will help in bodybuilding - DETAILS about taking Oxymetholone
    • You must drink Oxymetholone steroid after exercise and before its start. These are two more important periods for the body when it can absorb much more nutrients than usual. During this period, serum Oxymetholone can quickly saturate the body with the necessary protein. And if you drank it before training, then you laid a solid foundation for the growth of new muscle tissue.
    • Is it worth drinking Oxymetholone pills before bedtime? The answer is also yes! During a long night’s sleep, the bodybuilder’s body must maintain protein balance. Therefore, you should drink casein at night, which is absorbed for a long time and gradually supplies the body with amino acids.
How and when the Anadrol cycle will help in bodybuilding - DETAILS about taking Oxymetholone
  • It is better to drink Anadrol on non-training days once in the morning and again at night.
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How much to drink Anadrol per day?

Also, the athlete must control the dosage of the supplement. Before training, you need to drink about 20 grams of the Oxymetholone cycle. After intensive training because of the high energy consumption, this amount should be doubled – drink about 40 grams. Morning hours also require double servings of protein – this need is caused by muscle «fasting».

Do not forget that you can not be limited to protein. It is necessary to correctly combine its with other products, for example, those containing carbohydrates. It is important to provide an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals that help the digestion process. For example, zinc and chromium help amino acids reach the muscles. And B vitamins (3, 6, 23) and vitamin H accelerate the absorption of Oxymetholone.

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