Androdrol - which one to choose and how to take

Androdrol – It is Oxandrolone steroid (complex with low glycemic index, as well as simple ones). The name of this supplement comes from the English word “gain”, which means “recruit, build up.” Indeed, the use of this sports nutrition allows the athlete to gain muscle mass more quickly and efficiently. Oxandrolone contains, as a rule, much less proteins than carbohydrates, although this indicator varies from 1: 2 to 1: 5 for various manufacturers. Multicomponent formulations also contain creatine, glutamine, various trace elements or vitamins.

Androdrol - which one to choose and how to take

The correct choice of Androdrol composition

Oxandrolone often contains vitamin-mineral complexes and other nutrients, and some manufacturers add creatine. Pay attention to the presence of L-glutamine in the composition. It perfectly restores the body after exercise and stimulates the immune system. As for carbohydrate nutrients, in the quality of sports supplements simple carbohydrates contain a minimum. If their is more than complex carbohydrates – this composition should alert you, as well as the presence of preservatives, flavors and dyes. Prefer products proven and reliable brands.

How to choose the right Androdrol novice athletes

Many novice athletes are worried about the question of how to choose the best option for themselves from the wide variety offered by Oxandrolone. We advise you to pay attention to the general ratio of Anapolon. It should be no lower than 20%, otherwise you risk to get excess fat instead of the desired muscles. Be careful: sometimes the package does not indicate the percentage of protein, but its quantity per serving, so it’s useful to do a simple calculation of the percentage. And it is better to choose such compositions where not Anapolon is present, but whey or multicomponent. Anapolon has more flaws, but its cost is cheaper.

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How to choose Androdrol for a specific purpose

Androdrol - which one to choose and how to take

The choice of Oxandrolone is based on body structure. If an athlete is quite thin and has an accelerated metabolism, then a large amount of carbohydrates will not interfere with it. If the athlete needs to reduce the total body weight and build muscle, then you should look for him Oxandrolone, in which the percentage ratio of Oxymetholone steroid will be greatest. Otherwise, an excess of carbohydrates not only does not help to lose weight, but also adds a couple of extra centimeters at the waist.

What is Oxandrolone for?

In the athlete’s diet, such an additive performs the following functions:

  • helps build lean body mass in people of lean stature. Athletes with a fast metabolism often complain that even prolonged grueling workouts do not give any result, and do not help to get the coveted muscular relief. At the expense of Oxandrolone, it is easy to increase the overall caloric intake of the diet, providing the body with exactly those substances that are needed for effective muscle growth;
  • Supports sports nutrition. If you do not have time to have a normal lunch during the working day, preparation of Oxandrolone will take a few seconds. It is enough just to add powder to the shaker, stir it up – and useful wholesome food in front of you. Of course, to use this technique every day is not worth it. But once to satisfy hunger sportpitom better than running to the nearest McDonald’s;
  • helps to easily control caloric intake and balance of nutrients;
  • provides an opportunity to recover quickly after an intense workout, and provides the body with essential nutrients;
  • preserves muscle relief with increasing weight – because it is the muscles that grow, not the fatty layer.
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Androdrol is especially necessary for powerlifters, bodybuilders and weightlifters, because with frequent grueling workouts, it is simply impossible to compensate for all the substances the body needs using a normal diet.

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