Anapolons - features of use of an additive for beginners

In today’s article, we will learn how to take Anapolons. First of all, such cocktails are designed to complement the existing, properly selected diet, and not replace it. You should take no more than 2-3 Anapolons on training days and 1-2 on rest days.

The two most significant times to take Oxandrolone are:

  • right after waking up
  • take immediately after training
Anapolons - features of use of an additive for beginners

Why right after a night of sleep? For hours at night, your body is in a state of «fasting». This means that without taking Anapolon pills, the body will begin to use the muscles as a fuel for recovery. By taking Oxymetholone steroid with simple carbohydrates (fruit juice or banana) in the morning, you will kill the muscle breakdown in the bud and bring yourself back to «positive nitrogen balance» – in the presence of eating more protein than the body can spend.

The second key point for taking Anapolon is immediately after the power load. During this 30-60 minute period after exercise, muscles, like a sponge, absorb nutrients, especially protein, as an indispensable substance for the repair and recovery process. The body also uses carbohydrates more efficiently during this window, due to an increase in insulin sensitivity … be sure to take some simple carbohydrates with Oxandrolone – this will help the body more efficiently absorb amino acids, use them for continuous tissue repair and growth.

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What is Oxandrolone to take?

If you do not know which Anapolon to choose, then a shaker containing whey is the best option. This form of protein is one of the most easily digestible species – it takes no more than 20-30 minutes for the body to start getting the necessary raw materials. Remember, time is crucial in both scenarios, so if you are taking long-lasting forms of protein, such as casein (found in dairy products), by the time the amino acids are available to the body, you will already be missing your window «of opportunities».

By the way, you can combine several proteins by mixing A50 pills with nonfat milk as the base + carbohydrate with a high glycemic index. By combining these three forms together, you will provide yourself with a constant influx of amino acids for as long as 5-6 hours, as they are assimilated at different rates.

Anapolons - features of use of an additive for beginners

In addition, soy, whey and milk proteins have different amino acid balance. For example, Oxandrolone contains more glutamine, which helps with the recovery and reduction of symptoms of retarded muscle pain (ZMB). By combining these different types, you maximize the nutritional and restorative properties of your drink. Analogs are multicomponent powders, for example, from BSN.

How much should I take Anapolons?

Complete with additives always come measuring spoons, the volume of which may vary. On average, it is 22-30 grams of protein per 1 scoop. How many take Oxandrolone per day? It all depends on how many meals the athlete had per day, how much weight. I would advise a double portion (2 spoons) after the training and on the morning of the training. On rest days – one serving in the morning and during the day if necessary.

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Can I take Anapolon before training?

Protein drinks are also popular as pre-training foods. In such cases, as a rule, they are consumed 30-50 minutes before the training, use water or milk as a basis, and are mixed with slow carbohydrates such as oatmeal.

Despite the fact that pre-workout shakes help ensure that there are a sufficient number of amino acids available during exercise, they are not always needed as an additive. In the same way, you can get proteins from a full-fledged source of food 1.5-2 hours before the start of training. Protein shakes are primarily needed for the sake of convenience, and not always for the sake of necessity.

Anapolons – the key to success?

Do I need to take Anapolon steroids? Of course not! Carefully planned Anapolon techniques will help fill small gaps in the diet, but they will never replace a full, healthy and clean foods. You can experience amazing metamorphosis and build a terrific physique without pouring a liter of protein powder. However, it is also the best friend who helps out if you have a busy schedule that makes 5-6 meals a day difficult. If I could take only one Anapolon per day, I would do it after my workout!

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