A 50 pill - another type of drug Oxandrolone

A 50 pill is considered one of the most important components. sports nutrition. This product should occupy a special place in the diet of every athlete aimed at a serious athletic result. A 50 pill is produced in the form of tablets and is completely natural since it is produced without the use of chemical components and heat treatment.

Word itself «Anapolon» comes from the Latin name for cheese. A50 pills is one of the main protein components of regular milk. When the milk turns sour, Oxandrolone is fermented and precipitated; the result is what we call cottage cheese. Thus, it is in this fermented milk product contains the highest amount of Oxandrolone 50 mg.

Anapolon 50 mg refers to «long-term» protein sources – essential material for building cells. The coagulant formed under the influence of gastric acid is digested in the stomach and absorbed long enough, contributing to a slow but steady increase in the level of amino acids in the blood plasma.

A 50 pill - another type of drug Oxandrolone

This is the main difference between Anapolon 50 and whey, which is absorbed several times faster. Such a long anti-catabolic effect makes Oxandrolone the most optimal protein for infrequent supplementation, for example, at bedtime. This drug can provide the body throughout the night. amino acids and nitrogen.

Oxandrolone Properties

The main properties of Oxandrolone:

    • stimulator of the natural production of proteins by the body to actively build muscle tissue;
A 50 pill - another type of drug Oxandrolone
  • quickly restores muscles after intense loads, which gives every right to call its anti-catabolic type Anapolon;
  • A 50 pill has no contraindications.
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Another positive feature of this nutrient is that it is able to suppress the whetted appetite, allowing the athlete to not feel hungry for a long time. Therefore, when burning fat during the drying period, this additive will provide the athlete with invaluable assistance. And as a bonus, the A 50 pill also prevents damage to muscle fibers. In addition, it is necessary for all those who are struggling with obesity, because its composition contains only a small amount of fat (about 1.5%).

How to take Oxnadrolone

When gaining its muscle mass, it is advisable to take it once a day before bedtime in the amount of 40 g. For slimming, the amount of daily intake can be increased to 2-3, but in this case the dose is adjusted accordingly and is 20-30 g.

Dissolve this drug in water or in milk, you can use shaker or mixer. If you do not like the cottage cheese flavor, its can be varied by adding a spoonful of cocoa, fruit syrup or vanilla sugar to the cocktail. Do not forget to take into account the calorie content of these products when calculating the daily diet.

To enhance the anabolic effect, Anappolon is often combined in sports supplements with whey Anapolan 50 pill in a 1: 2 combination.  Observations on athletes showed that with the integrated use of these supplements, an increase in muscle mass occurs two times faster than in those groups where athletes took only one of the types A 50 pill.

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